Chiropractor accused of breaking 3 month old girls’ 28 ribs and causing brain injury in Ohio


A dad said his little girl’s serious injuries were the result of an accident, but investigators are saying its more criminal than that.

A 3-month-old girl was taken to Children’s Hospital by her new mother in February with traumatic brain injuries and 28 rib fractures, all in multiple stages of healing.

While doctors were told it was the result of an accident, they found the injuries were not consistent with that statement at all.

“The child had over 28 rib fractures of varying ages, meaning they had happened at different times,” prosecutor David Fornshell said to WTWL Channel Five News Ohio.

Last Friday, police arrested the little girl’s father, Jason Bittner.

“Frankly he didn’t deal real well with newborns, in terms of them being ‘fussy’ as newborns are,” Fornshell said.

Both Bittner and his wife, the victim’s mother are chiropractors at Bittner Chiropractic in West Chester.

Cop say Bittner said it may have been because he really wanted a little boy instead of a daughter.

“We know that he was somewhat resentful that his second child was actually a baby girl, he was wanting it to be a boy,” Fornshell said.

Bittner is also well known in his church community, and prosecutors believe these charges will be alarming to many who know him.

“There’s going to be a lot of people that either are patients of Mr. Bittner, or go to church with him, or friends or neighbors who are going to believe this is just some type of accident,” Fornshell said. “As the evidence in this case comes out, I think there’s going to be a lot of people that may not have known Mr. Bittner as well as they thought they did.”

Bittner has been charged with assault and two counts of endangering children, the first for the injuries the child suffered, the second is for failing to get his daughter medical treatment.