We are ready to see you today from Noon to Two O’clock at Nyack Memorial Park.


Elle Fishman and Sebsation Scully look forward to meeting you next weekend!


By Carol Mcilmurray

The wait for the Penguin Plunge is OVER. TODAY at 12 Noon, let the festivities begin to honor to little kids fighting rare medical disorders in our Rockland communities.

Penguin Plunge’s 11th annual fundraiser is for Elle Fishman, 4, Piermont,  and Sebastian Scully, 7, Valley Cottage, is happening at Nyack Memorial Park. For rush into the cold Hudson waters, Rocklandpost recommends you bring your shorts, a pair of aqua shoes and even a wetsuit, if you want to be like a real penguin.

All donations collected from hot cocoa, array of pastries and food, Penguin Plunge t-shirts to help this year’s honorees, Ella and Sebastian.

The NYACK MEMORIAL PARK, 53 Piermont Ave, Nyack, fundraiser for children in need of medical care will be MARCH 11 at NOON.  Plunge at 1:30PM Friends and family are welcome to support the plunge by rooting their loved ones on the sidelines. Free food and beverages will be served, donations are welcomed.

The plunge was arraigned for last week, but after two nor’easters in one week, the Hudson wasn’t wader friendly due to choppy waters.

The weather has calmed down long enough for all the do gooders and fun lovers to come out of the house and down to the Hudson River waters at the Nyack Memorial Park off Piermont Ave.

Sunday in Nyack weather is predicted by Accuweather to be a high of 45 degrees and a low of 32 degrees.

If you don’t want to get in the waters don’t worry, you and others can sponsor your own rubber duckie, the more the merrier. Let’s create a beautiful scene of love and appreciation for our local kids.

Live music by DJ Jimmy Schutz will be playing in the background for the icy water festivites. Expect a lot of friends and neighbors to out Sunday afternoon.

Great ready to have a wonderful late morning and help some wonderful little kids at the same time.

Watch the test run for the $5 donations based rubber duckies for Elle and Sebastian. WATCH BELOW

Proxy penguins practice plunge! Come join us tomorrow at Memorial Park 12-2 to support Sebastian and Elle! #penguinplunge #Nyack #polarplunge

Posted by Barbara Noyes on Saturday, March 10, 2018



Elle Fishman

Elle is four-year-old from Piermont. She was born with cerebellar hypoplasia, or an underdeveloped cerebelllum. This causes severe delays in developing speech, learning to walk, and balancing herself. At age four, Elle can not yet talk, stand or walk on her own. She is a very smart, strong and brave girl who wants to be independent and just like her friends.  Elle doesn’t get discouraged and always tries to do the most that she can do.

Sebastian Scully

Sebastian is a lively seven-year-old from Valley Cottage. He was diagnosed with eosinophilic esophagitis, a rare chronic allergic reaction inflammatory disease that at this time has no cure. The disease involves different methods of treatment to relieve the pain and symptoms including specialized nutrients and medications. Despite all this, Sebastian doesn’t complain and is a happy student at Valley Cottage Elementary. He wants to grow up and be a firefighter like his dad.



Penguin Plunge, Inc. is a not-for-profit registered 501(c)(3) that helps the families of serious ill children in meeting their medical and support costs as they focus on their children’s health. The Penguin Plunge gives people the opportunity to take a memorable dip into the icy waters of the Hudson River while raising money for a good cause. Since 2008 we have raised over $350,000 for some incredible young people. Meet them here.
This year, we are celebrating our 11th Annual Plunge and braving the cold for some more local families whose children are struggling with serious medical conditions.