NY National Guard Deploying to Rockland

From the desk of Ed Day, Rockland County Executive

New City, NY – County Executive Ed Day announced that Rockland County has been communicating with the Governor’s office and the process of deploying the NY National Guard to Rockland has begun. The primary mission of the Guard will be to assist with the removal of downed trees. The efforts of the Guard will be coordinated by the Rockland County Office of Fire and Emergency Services.

“Last night between 5 and 7 PM there was a significant change in the storm where many trees came down. These trees are proving extremely problematic to snow removal and power restoration,” said County Executive Day.

Orange and Rockland is reaching out to Local 17 and Local 754 to have union members provide site safety; freeing up law enforcement and volunteer fire fighters currently handling these duties.

“The goal here is to get the lights turned back on for our residents as quickly as possible. I look forward to continued close coordination between all the of town supervisors and myself with Orange and Rockland and our first responders to get Rockland County back up and running,” concluded Day.