Ellen Jaffee announces re-election campaign at Jane’s on Main in Pearl River

By Carol McIlmurray

PEARL RIVER-As the first Nor’easter of March 2018 settled over Rockland, Assemblywoman Ellen Jaffee packed Pearl River’s Main St. cafe ‘Jane on Main’ with about 50 supporters to announce her re-election campaign on March 4.

Jaffee, elected for six consecutive terms, is planning on a lucky number seven victory to serve her Rockland-Westchester district.

Piermont Mayor Bruce Tucker and Nyack Mayor Don Hammond were on hand as Jaffee gave a speech that showcased that her passion and experience in the district is as bright as ever.

Jaffee thanked her dedicated volunteers including Bob Tompkins. Tompkins said this would be his third time assisting the Albany based Assemblywoman run for the 97th district.

Jaffee said she was ready to get the word out early on her campaign because of obligations and holiday events in the next two months.

Jaffee’s campaign message centers around immigration reform, pay gap closure between men and women, and serving what she says is one of the most diverse communities and districts in America.

Jaffe told the Rocklandpost that she started her career as a schoolteacher. Jaffee then ran for Suffern Board of Trustee on a suggestion from a friend in 1994. Jaffee then served for nine years as Suffern County legislature in 1997. In 2006, Assemblywoman Jaffee ran for the 97th district Assembly seat. Jaffee is serving her 12th year and says she is dedication to enacting more changes and serving her communities for another two years.

The room was a whose who of Rockland Democrats. Three-time former Orangetown Supervisor Andy Stewart was in attendance, as was his former right-hand man Elijah Reichlin-Melnick, now a Village Trustee in Nyack.  Democratic Chairwoman Kristen Zebrowski was talking with Maureen Porette, who unsuccessfully ran for County Executive in last year’s election against Ed Day. Theodore Van Nahl Collins, Executive Director at Rockland County Democratic Committee was also at the announcement.

Jaffee whose agenda has a strong women’s right component said she will be focusing on better and equal rights for women including health, work place, and small business assistance.  A main goal for Assemblywoman Jaffee is equal pay for equal work.

Jaffee also promised to continue to fight for DACA legislation, a bill she introduced to the floor personally.

Jaffe held the event at a woman-owned small business ‘Jane on Main.’   The coffee and gourmet sandwich shop has been open in the hamlet of Pearl River for three years.

Assemblywoman Ellen Jaffe’s campaign events will be announced in the coming months.