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POETRY/SHORT STORIES: Ralph Waldo Emerson “On America”

On another wintery day in America, while schools and public buildings are closed for the second nor-easter of this 2018 March week, we at the Rocklandpost decided to publish an excerpt from a mid to late 19th century classic written… Continue reading.

Lancome and recent Rockland Visitor, Julia Roberts, are promoting ‘Write her future’, a global women’s literacy campaign

Julia Roberts for Lancome global literacy program for women

Photo: Lancome

 ‘Write Her Future’, is Lancôme’s first world-wide philanthropic program. As part of the project, Lancôme will donate at least 2 million Euros/$2.4 million to literacy programs over the… Continue reading.

Chevy Chase gets kicked in the shoulder following a road rage incident in South Nyack

Chevy Chase, 74, comedy legend and cast member of Saturday Night Live’s first season gets served with a shoulder kick on NYS Thruway in South Nyack

By Carol McIlmurray

Chevy Chase, 74, is alleged to have exited his Mercedes-Benz after… Continue reading.

Hudson River Radio welcomes new Station Manager

Seth Cantor, a North Rockland graduate, is best known in Rockland County as the voice of the Rockland Boulders baseball team. Cantor also brings extensive broadcasting experience at stations including WCBS-880 in New York City, Bloomberg Radio, NBC News Radio, and Continue reading.


By Dylan Skriloff
Continue reading.

POEM: Spiritual World

-Inspired by the passing of Rockland County Times' poet Harry Waitzman Continue reading.


Our favorite poem. The rhythm, meter, sound, and constellation of meaning are absolutely timeless. 'Anybody lived in a pretty how town' is most perfect when read aloud. Continue reading.


ROBERT FROST is an American poet that should need no introduction. Frost was born March 25, 1874, son of a Harvard graduate and champion of States Rights and the South. The family moved out west for his father to become the Editor at San Fransisco Examiner during the end of the civil war. During this time, Robert Lee Frost was born and unfortunately his father died of Tuberculious a short year later. Frost's mother, who moved to The States from Scotland at the age of 15, returned to her husband's native New England to raise baby Frost. The first Frost settled in the New England area in 1634. He graduated valedictorian from his Lawrence, Mass. High School. Frost bounced around from Dartmouth to Harvard and after another try at mill and newspaper work, the now married man settled on a farm near Derry, New Hampshire. Frost went on to teach, write, and rear six children with his wife, Elinor Miriam White. His poetry made him America's premier living poet as he was appointed U.S. Poet laureate by President Eisenhower in 1958 and he read original work at the U.S. President John F. Kennedy's inauguration. Continue reading.

POEM: Dylan Thomas’ ‘do not go gentle into that good night

DYLAN THOMAS was a critically acclaimed poet most known during the Second World War. He was born in Wales in 1914 and he passed away from a coma on his fourth visit to New York at the age of 39. Thomas, a son of an English teacher, was educated at the Swansa Grammar School and did news reporting and broadcast in addition he wrote radio and movie scripts. He abrupt passing was during a poetry reading tour in NYC and Thomas was survived by his wife, Caitlyn MacNamara Thomas, and three young children. Continue reading.

HUMOR: Trying to use the internet without giving myself headache, mission impossible.

BY CAROL MCILMURRAY. McIlmurray is the editor-in-chief of and a stand-up comedian by trade.  Carol wrote and performed original material in New York City from 1999-2007.  Carol was trained in classic Harold improv and likes to use all parts of her brain when possible.  Carol's newest act is going to be in a small off-Broadway theatre by mid 2017. Please sign up for our newsletter for updates. Continue reading.

POEM: Mermaids in the Milk Aisle

BY CELESTE ROSE WOOD. Rose Wood is Rockland Post's 2016 featured poet of the year. Celeste is from Lawrence, KS and currently lives in Nyack, NY. She likes biological sciences, earl grey tea, and copious metaphors. An active member of local literary organization River River Writer’s Circle, she fends off her homebody-ness just enough to know a lot more creative types than a semi-hermit probably has any right to. She is pursuing an MFA in creative writing and believes that poetry can be weird and wordy without being elitist. Continue reading.

FIRST WORDS: Welcome to

BY CAROL MCILMURRAY A sneak peek of what to expect from us. Continue reading.

EXPECT: More written content in upcoming weeks, months

BY CAROL MCILMURRAY What's the plan of action for the coming months at Rockland Post? Read here to find out! Continue reading.