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LTE:Net Neutrality V. FCC; Is the internet under attack? This letter is circulating the internet.

Letter to the Editor

The internet is under attack by the FCC once again. ( They will not quit. Only this time, the FCC is closer than ever to its ultimate goal, handing the Internet over to giant ISPs like… Continue reading.

Philly turns into drunken and reckless street violence after Superbowl win, watch the UNREAL live footage here

This gallery contains 3 photos.

After watching some of these videos, you might not want to go the Super Bowl in the near future. 2018's crowd for the champion Eagles had a group of people who had complete disregard for the law, WATCH UNREAL VIDOES HERE Continue reading.

ESSAY:Location, Location, Location: Next Stop Rockland! A recap of the history and value of the County I grew up

Location, Location, Location: Next Stop Rockland!



Westchester is a vast space of manicured lawns with villages, towns and hamlets neatly tucked in between large commercial venues, strip malls, and eateries. In its well-planned and… Continue reading.

To predict…or not to predict…that’s the question BY MAYA NASH

To predict…or not to predict…that’s the question…


It’s that time again, new beginnings as we  resolve to be better people, happier, more organized, thinner richer, the list goes on. We are chomping at the bit for… Continue reading.

Obama’s Legacy: The Top Ten BY JEFFREY OPPENHEIM, M.D.

a first look back BY JEFFREY OPPENHEIM At the conclusion of every Presidency, the process of absorbing and distilling the complexity of successes and failures begins. This is the means by which a legacy is created. In some cases, the process is quick, while in others it takes generations. Continue reading.

Trump’s nuclear cabinet appointments BY JEFFREY OPPENHEIM, M.D.

Thanks to the Democrats, Donald Trump will be relying upon the “nuclear option” almost immediately. This is not to say that he will be starting a nuclear war, but that he can rest comfortably knowing that even his most controversial nominees to more than 1,000 government Continue reading.

The Keys to Donald Trump’s Win BY JEFFREY OPPENHEIM, M.D.

No one expected a Trump victory. All the well-meaning poll-watchers, politicians, press and pundits told us that Clinton was going to win big.  Going into election day even Clinton appeared confident that she had the election all but clinched. In fact, she was so buoyant that her last few weeks included political rallies in support of Congressional candidates, rather than herself. Continue reading.


President-elect Trump

Dear Editor of the,

I am not a minority I am an American women. The Democratic mindset to categorize Americans by their gender, the color of their skin, their sexual preference and their country of origin has… Continue reading.

America Embarks on New Direction; future of both parties uncertain



November 9th 2016 is not a day that will “live in infamy”. It is not the beginning of the end of women’s rights, minority rights or LGBT rights. It is also not the first day on… Continue reading.


A look at how Obamacare has failed healthcare already








Anyone who believed the cavalcade of audacious promises made by President Obama in an effort to sell Obamacare to the American public should have long since recognized that they were… Continue reading.

OP/ED Special Relativity in Politics

BY JEFFREY OPPENHEIM, M.D. More than 500 years ago the Catholic Popes were known to use their authority to place their relatives in positions of power. Continue reading.

Could Donald take down the entire Republican Party?

BY JEFFREY OPPENHEIM, M.D. Depending upon your viewpoint, the 2016 Republican National Convention was either the successful rebirth of conservative American populism or the self-destruction of the legacy of more than 150 years of responsible rationalism. Continue reading.

OP/ED: Brexit seems like a lonely way to go, Britain

BY JEFFREY OPPENHEIM, M.D. As world markets, pundits and the media try to make sense of the decision by The United Kingdom to withdraw from the European Union, one thing is clear: America needs to avoid the Machiavellian instinct to fear imaginary barbarians at her gates. Continue reading.

OP/ED: Donald Trump, GOP’s 400-pound gorilla in the room?

BY JEFFREY OPPENHEIM M.D. On May 28th a three-year-old boy slipped into the gorilla cage at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden where he was grabbed by a 17-year-old gorilla named Harambe. Zoo officials felt obligated to kill Harambe in order to prevent injury to the youth. The decision made by these officials gripped the nation as people sought to find someone to blame for the unfortunate event. Ironically, the tragedy in the Cincinnati zoo has a metaphor in our presidential politics. To wit, Harambe the Gorilla and Donald Trump have a lot in common. Continue reading.

OP/ED: Reporter Adam Lucente writes home from Middle East about the war zone, the food, and missing his hometown of Suffern, New York

Written in Ankawa, Iraq: the Rockland of the Middle East


Ankawa, Iraq—Tucked above downtown Erbil is the capital of Iraq’s autonomous Kurdish region-and only 51 miles from ISIS-controlled Mosul, Ankawa is a primarily Assyrian Christian-inhabited neighborhood in… Continue reading.

OP/ED: Rocklandpost’s official stance on Ramapo scandal; We want the best for all residents

The supports all the residents of Ramapo.

Ramapo needs our help to get their school system, their neighborhoods, and most importantly, their finances back on track.

We believe everyone, regardless of race, religion, creed, sexual orientation, or gender, deserves… Continue reading.

HUMOR: Trying to use the internet without giving myself headache, mission impossible.

BY CAROL MCILMURRAY. McIlmurray is the editor-in-chief of and a stand-up comedian by trade.  Carol wrote and performed original material in New York City from 1999-2007.  Carol was trained in classic Harold improv and likes to use all parts of her brain when possible.  Carol's newest act is going to be in a small off-Broadway theatre by mid 2017. Please sign up for our newsletter for updates. Continue reading.

FIRST WORDS: Welcome to

BY CAROL MCILMURRAY A sneak peek of what to expect from us. Continue reading.

EXPECT: More written content in upcoming weeks, months

BY CAROL MCILMURRAY What's the plan of action for the coming months at Rockland Post? Read here to find out! Continue reading.

POLITICAL GUEST: Rockland Republican Chair Lawrence Garvey Endorses Front-Runner Donald Trump

Lawrence Garvey is the Chairman of the Rockland County Republican Committee.  Lawrence is an attorney in private practice as the senior partner in the Law Office of Garvey, Tirelli & Cushner Ltd., White Plains, New York. Lawrence has four daughters and lives in New City, New York. Continue reading.